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Spark Book Fairs

About Us

Book fairs play an important role in fostering the love of reading from a young age. At Spark, we are on a mission to partner with educators to ignite the love of reading by making books accessible to everyone.

Our Promise

Price tag

Low Prices

Books these days can be expensive. At Spark, we want to make reading affordable, so we offer books at up to 90% off list price.

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Books for all

Participants can choose from a growing catalogue of over 40,000 titles for children and adults. Everyone is sure to find a book they love.

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Maximum rewards

20% of each book fair purchase will go directly to your organization, with reward options to support your organization all year long!

The Spark Story

For over five decades, book fairs sparked a life-long love of reading in millions of children. Many of us still remember the feeling of empowerment when our parents handed us a few dollars to spend on any book we wanted and the excitement of immersing ourselves in the adventure of our choosing. Our newfound passion brought us closer to our parents as we cuddled up to read the book together at night. It also brought fulfillment to our teachers, whose satisfaction comes from seeing children learn and grow.

Spark Book Fairs is on a mission to ignite the love of reading at home and in school by making books accessible to everyone. We recognize the pressures faced every day by parents and organizations, so we designed an online book fair program to bring this beloved tradition into the future.

For many years, options for book fair providers were limited. Spark Book Fairs is here to change that — with a fresh outlook on a yearly tradition. Spark Book Fairs was designed in consultation with teachers and librarians. Our fairs are easy to organize and fun to run. Even with the fair fully online, our team supports the organizers and participants every step of the way so the event runs smoothly and raises maximum rewards. Plus, the organizations decide how to use the money raised!

Whether you’re a teacher, librarian, parent, or student, Spark is here to make your book fair experience the best it can be. That means it’s rewarding for schools, affordable for parents, and fun and convenient for all!